Underrated game of the week: Avatar – the Legend of Aang (wii)

I don’t think i’ve ever been more impressed by a game of which I had so little expectations. Little did I know I would be met with a damn decent RPG-lite remiscient of X-Men Legends, and even Okami. If you’ve just caught the series on Netflix (like I have) and still have a palate for motion controls – go forth, flameo!

Grethtip – turn the music up higher than SE+ voice, for extra immersion.



My love for gaming can be summed up in a single musical chord.

This is what I call…the VIRTUA FIGHTER NOTE!

I profess to little knowledge musical of music theory. But in my clumsy, ongoing quest, to learn the language of the guitar I will attempt to sum it up as a ‘minor’ exclamation mark to a primarily ‘major’ expression.This can in my experience, mostly be found at the end of a musical piece.

It is inexorably intertwined in my own nostalgia and fond memories of what I regard the golden age of gaming.

I decline to provide examples, as…. I can’t think of any! Perhaps it cannot be found in specific places, who knows. This nostalgic feeling is personal, and has woven it’s path and increased over many years.

I cannot convey it in words.

I do love gaming.



How can we listen when all we hear is noise.

Not just vibrations in the air that our brains interpret in their own unique way, but to that which resonates outward in response.

There is an element of cruelty in the process of filtering what is positive and what is negative.

From the fear of evil thoughts, we could drown out all the noise in the world, but where would that leave us?

From the fear of silence we could let in all the noise of the universe but where would that leave us?

I am glad we are able to listen.

And the other thing.