Underrated game of the week: Avatar – the Legend of Aang (wii)

I don’t think i’ve ever been more impressed by a game of which I had so little expectations. Little did I know I would be met with a damn decent RPG-lite remiscient of X-Men Legends, and even Okami. If you’ve just caught the series on Netflix (like I have) and still have a palate for motion controls – go forth, flameo!

Grethtip – turn the music up higher than SE+ voice, for extra immersion.



My love for gaming can be summed up in a single musical chord.

This is what I call…the VIRTUA FIGHTER NOTE!

I profess to little knowledge musical of music theory. But in my clumsy, ongoing quest, to learn the language of the guitar I will attempt to sum it up as a ‘minor’ exclamation mark to a primarily ‘major’ expression.This can in my experience, mostly be found at the end of a musical piece.

It is inexorably intertwined in my own nostalgia and fond memories of what I regard the golden age of gaming.

I decline to provide examples, as…. I can’t think of any! Perhaps it cannot be found in specific places, who knows. This nostalgic feeling is personal, and has woven it’s path and increased over many years.

I cannot convey it in words.

I do love gaming.